Ah.Pe.Rò Marketing Edition II

Event Agenda
Rami Hmadeh, CEO Serviceplan Group Middle East, and Frances Bonifacio, Strategy Director Serviceplan Middle East, will showcase the White Paper on Future of Communication!

25th of April, 2018

6.30 pm until open end
(white paper showcasing; followed Q&A, drinks and get-together)

LARTE Restaurant,
Building 10,
Dubai Design District (d3)


Please RSVP by sending an email to middle-east@serivceplan.com

Background information
The white paper preparations started with the LaFutura Conference 2017 in Dubai, where Serviceplan Group Middle East hosted a workshop on the future of communication together with Trendwolves:

Two groups of futurists, marketers and experts were asked to imagine the Future of Communication with and without the aid of technology. Out of these findings, enhanced with insights on habits of generations and changing communication behavior the White Paper on Future of Communication was formed.


Key findings
Thanks to technology, a humanoid future is here to stay.

It will be a future where communication will be radically more meaningful and largely more profound than it is today. Perhaps, human relationships will become more personally entwined as people will eventually learn, unlearn, and re-learn how to have richer engagements and deeper connections.


Claudia Löwe

Claudia Löwe
Corporate Communication Manager

E-Mail: c.loewe@serviceplan.com