Event Agenda

Guest speaker and psychographics expert, Dennis Hofmann (Strategy Director, Serviceplan Consulting) from Germany, will kick off the event with an inspiring talk.

Date: 28th of February, 2018

Time: 5 pm until open end
(expert talks; followed Q&A, drinks and get-together)

Venue: LARTE Restaurant, Building 10, Dubai Design District (d3)

What is psychographic targeting?

“Male, between 39 and 59 years, high school diploma or higher, net household income over 4k per month” – these target group descriptions are a thing of the past. With psychographic targeting, which is based on the motives of human action and not on demographic data, advertising can be tailored much more precisely to the individual user. Several Serviceplan Group agencies have launched their first campaign using psychographic targeting for the new MINI Countryman this February – with great success:

When launching the new MINI Countryman, the Serviceplan Group was the first agency in Germany to successfully implement an online campaign using psychographic targeting in February 2017. This approach involves guiding each human action – including buying behaviours – using a variety of emotional motifs. Psychographics identifies anonymised user profiles by means of their surfing pattern and can reach users in ways more specific to their situation, and therefore with greater relevance, using a variety of display and video ad designs. This has resulted in conversion rates increasing by more than 200 per cent, which also implies that the advertising media are of above-average relevance for consumers. Click here for more information on this case.


Claudia Löwe

Claudia Löwe
Corporate Communication Manager

E-Mail: c.loewe@serviceplan.com