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Building Best Brands

Serviceplan Health and Life combines pharmaceutical care, lifestyle care and healthcare in a new form of healthcare marketing – resulting in trend-setting strategies and target group-oriented campaigns.

At Serviceplan Health and Life, there is a team of experts who have mastered the specific rules and legalities in health and pharmaceutical communication. At the same time, they are familiar with the requirements of the future, as health is becoming a lifestyle issue. In the future, almost all brands will be required to contribute to getting healthy and staying healthy.

For this reason, we welcome all health products – regardless of whether they are sold by chemists or consumer goods markets. Our particular strength: we make difficult medical issues understandable by preparing them creatively for communication that is both professional and patient-centred. This broad focus in the field of healthcare marketing is unique in health communication.

Our clients profit from our full service, for example, in brand coaching, classic campaigns, sales marketing, channel planning and even in brand and packaging design.