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Ownership is one of the most important Serviceplan values. Colleagues should continuously have the opportunity to develop further, take on responsibility and implement their own ideas.
The result, for example, was a weekly hour of yoga and a workshop for employees in the House of Communication in Munich. While Brienner Above enables creativity according to desire and mood and not according to a briefing, HR manager Julia invites you to relax in your lunch break once a week.

Munich, October 17th 2017 — “In the day-to-day life of an agency, the work must largely achieve the aspired goals or, for example, fulfil the KPIs. Whereas, the work with Brienner Above does not have to perform – I think this is a great contrast”, explained Mais Sundermann, Head of Design at Plan.Net Group and the initiator of the idea. The workshop on the top floor of the House of Communication building in Munich is an amazing example of the Serviceplan ownership philosophy, as HR boss, Winfried Bergmann, explained: “Anyone who works for us who has an idea is encouraged to implement it, if possible. Whether it is a new tool, a business idea, a client project or a personal issue, it doesn’t matter. Actually, individual companies of the group always return to ownership, which were first pushed forward by their colleagues from their own initiatives and then established their own company or business unit. We encourage the commitment of our employees in particular ways and thus stand out from other employers in the industry.”

The 60 square meters of extensive space that comes from two rooms is fitted with a basic set of art supplies. There are different paints, chalks, brushes, easels, paper, canvases and a sewing machine. And in particular: space. For anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to do artistic activities, the Serviceplan workshop is the perfect solution.

In addition to Brienner Above, which came about in line with the ownership philosophy, Julia Vogginger, HR manager in personal development for Serviceplan in Munich, is responsible for the weekly, free lunchtime yoga hour for employees. She made her private passion, so to speak, a profession at work and graduated as a certified yoga teacher. The weekly hour, which she only offers to colleagues in a studio near the agency, counts as a working hour. “I think it’s great that my employer encourages me to teach yoga. The fact that I can combine my “private” passion with my work at Serviceplan and do something good for colleagues at the same time motivates me greatly,” said Julia Vogginger.

With Brienner Above, in addition to personal activities of employees, workshops, courses and small events are also planned. Winfried Bergmann explained: “We want to make Brienner Above a laboratory for artistic creativity. Sometimes we will organise a storyboard and scribble workshop, sometimes a watercolour painting course, sometimes a discussion circle on the topic of art.” The idea of the creations produced at Brienner Above being framed and displayed in an exhibition has not yet been rejected: “It depends on the creators, of course – but I could imagine that there will be a Serviceplan exhibition at some point in the future,” said Mais Sundermann.

Two short films, which introduce the two ownership projects, can be found on YouTube:

Brienner Above

Flow Yoga


Claudia Kirchmair

Claudia Kirchmair
Corporate Communication & PR

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