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Consorsbank’s campaign “Banking wie wir leben” (Banking how we live), which has been running successfully since 2014, is being taken to a new level from December. In line with its brand promise “Empowerment for financial independence”, it is the digital bank’s aim to establish itself as the best partner when it comes to individual and personal handling of finances. The new communication measures developed by the Serviceplan Group (for TV, print, online and social media) have a very clear and simple message: They are tapping into the mega consumer trend of self-optimisation, then transferring this to the field of finance and demonstrating how Consorsbank provides its customers with coaching services that have an individualised approach and that are tailored to various financial requirements, wishes and needs.

Munich, December 4th 2017 — This winter, Consorsbank is launching new, integrated communication measures for TV, print and online. The focus is once again on the bank's promise to help everyone to gain “empowerment for financial independence”. Rainer Hohenberger, Director of Marketing & e-Business at the BNP Paribas subsidiary, is aware that money is an area where self-optimisation still hasn’t reached its full potential: “Our goal is to provide people with useful explanations and information which will enable them to obtain personal financial independence. With this new campaign, we are focusing on individual target groups using need-oriented messages, and as a result we are taking an important step towards one-to-one communication.”

Florian Strauss, Managing Director for Consultancy at Serviceplan Campaign, stresses this point: “We have developed a campaign that addresses the various specific financial needs and mindsets in the market with appropriate messages and products that are specific to Consorsbank. The result is a universe of content with a high story-telling value. Through media intelligence and customer-specific CRM, we also ensure that the right messages are reaching the right people via the right touch points.” Markus Maczey, Creative Director of the Plan.Net Group and leading figure in the creation of the campaign, adds: “Alongside intelligence, for us, it's primarily about stories. The focus is not on selling bank products, but understanding how to support people with their personal finances in specific situations in life. In line with the guiding principle of the campaign, ‘We have everything under control. And that goes for money too’”.

The Consorsbank stories and more can be found on their microsite at www.consorsbank.de/stories. On TV, we will be using 30, 20 and 6-second long adverts on channels in the IP Group (RTL, VOX, n-tv, etc.) (produced by IT'S US Berlin and Neverest). In print (including Focus Money and SZ Langstrecke), extracts from the stories will be used in various combinations (edited by Oliver Würffell, photographers: Magnus Winter and Jana Edisonga). Online, the campaign will appear on banners, product and campaign sites and social media as well as on the microsite.

Conception and implementation of the campaign has been integrated into the tasks of the Serviceplan Group's House of Communication in Munich. Plan.Net Creative Director Markus Maczey and Sandra Loibl, Executive Creative Director at Serviceplan Campaign, are responsible for the creation. Florian Strauss, Managing Director at Serviceplan Campaign, and Management Supervisor Monika Klingenfuß are responsible for consultancy. Plan.Net Campaign, Plan.Net Media and Plan.Net Technology as well as Mediaplus and the Serviceplan Consulting Group are also involved.

Consorsbank and Serviceplan

Consorsbank has been a customer of the Serviceplan Group for more than ten years. Since 2009, Serviceplan Campaign has been the lead agency and Mediaplus and Plan.Net have provided integrated support at the same time. In 2014, Serviceplan was responsible for the effective rebranding of Cortal Consors to become “Consorsbank”.


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