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Our Ah.Pe Rò. Marketing Edition – a collaboration between Serviceplan Group Middle East and LARTE was introduced to give you insights and learn more about new Marketing related topics, meet great people and enjoy great food and drinks.

Ah.Pe.Rò Marketing Edition I (February 2018)

Male, between 39 and 59 years, high school diploma or higher, net household income over 4k per month” – these target group descriptions are a thing of the past. With psychographic targeting, which is based on the motives of human action and not on demographic data, advertising can be tailored much more precisely to the individual user. Several Serviceplan Group agencies have launched their first campaigns using psychographic targeting for the new MINI Countryman this February – with great success.

Key findings

But how do you plan such a campaign? How do you realize the creation? And how is it accurately driven? These were a few of many other questions answered by our expert Dennis Hofmann in an atmosphere of best contemporary Italian design, culinary creativity and artistic expression during our first Marketing Edition in February.

Ah.Pe.Rò Marketing Edition II (April 2018)

The White Paper preparations started with the LaFutura Conference 2017 in Dubai, where Serviceplan Group Middle East hosted a workshop on the future of communication together with Trendwolves: Two groups of futurists, marketers and experts were asked to imagine the Future of Communication with and without the aid of technology. Out of these findings, enhanced with insights on habits of generations and changing communication behavior the White Paper on Future of Communication was formed.

Key findings

We learned, that thanks to technology, a humanoid future is here to stay. It will be a future where communication will be radically more meaningful and largely more profound than it is today. Perhaps, human relationships will become more personally entwined as people will eventually learn, unlearn, and re-learn how to have richer engagements and deeper connections.

If this made you curious about more, the next Marketing Edition of our event series is planned in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more information!


Claudia Löwe

Claudia Löwe
Corporate Communication Manager

E-Mail: c.loewe@serviceplan.com