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A white paper by the consulting arm of Serviceplan Group Middle East deduced from the Future of Communication Workshop at the La Futura Conference, Dubai in November 2017.

Serviceplan Group Middle East unveiled a White Paper at the annual communications event, Dubai Lynx, March 2018. The white paper was developed at the La Futura conference last November in Dubai. The event saw international futurists, experts and opinion formers representing a range of business sectors, discussing trends and future innovations with Communications being a key topic. Serviceplan Group Middle East were one of the chief organisers and a partner sponsor of the event, which also included DEWA and Volkswagen.

Rami Hmadeh, Managing Director of Serviceplan Group Middle East, comments: “We are very excited about the revealing of our first White Paper to an audience for whom progress and innovation is crucial if they are to remain at the forefront of change in a constantly evolving industry. We aim to let our readers feel both inspired and appreciative of the role they can play in meeting the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s generations.”

Feel free to download the executive summary here.

Please contact middle-east@serviceplan.com for the full white paper.