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THE 7: Serviceplan and BMW Present New Model of Luxury Series

Hamburg, 22. January 2019 —Serviceplan Campaign International and BMW present the third model of the new luxury series With THE 7, which follows the BMW 8 Series Coupé and the BMW 8 Series Cabriolet presented in autumn 2018. All models are under the umbrella of "Bayerische Motoren Werke" and feature a redesigned logo for the new self-image in BMW's luxury segment.

Serviceplan Campaign International conceived and implemented a TV spot (45 and 30 seconds) in the course of the global market launch of THE 7, which begins in January. In addition, the team also created a product highlight film and various cutdowns for all channels.

The spot "Above The Clouds", directed by Dan DiFelice out of Tony Petersen Film GmbH/ Carlo Walther, conveys in a metaphorical way how important it is not to let oneself be held back by external and internal resistance, but to courageously and self-confidently forge your own path.

The narrative of the TVC shows a “pilot” making an unusual decision when a bad weather front prevents a private plane from taking off.  Instead of the plane, he accelerates his BMW 7 Series over the dark, rainy runway. The Driver’s route leads him through the clouds towards the sky and the sun, higher and higher, until he finally breaks through the top cloud cover on a pass road. Up above the clouds and storm, the driver experiences a moment of sublime and breathtaking beauty - a luxury experience otherwise reserved for pilots. 

"From my point of view there is hardly anything as majestic as an airplane breaking through the clouds. We are proud to accompany the international roll-out of the model with this campaign and thus further establish BMW's luxury segment as an independent product category under the umbrella of 'Bayerische Motoren Werke'" explains Florian Klietz, Managing Director and Partner at Serviceplan Campaign International.

The team around the managing directors of Serviceplan Campaign International, Florian Klietz, Markus Kremer and Thomas Heyen, were responsible for the campaign. At BMW, Uwe Dreher and Kirsty Skinner-Gerth are the contact people.


Serviceplan Campaign International:

Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer Serviceplan Gruppe
Markus Kremer, Managing Director / Partner
Thomas Heyen, Managing Director / Partner
Florian Klietz, Managing Director / Partner
Kolja Danquah, Creative Director Text
Kristian von Elm, Management Supervisor
Christoph Köhler, Producer
Adam Karger, Senior Account Manager
Damian Kuczmierczyk, Senior Art Director
Bastian Tripp, Senior Copywriter
Philipp Trübiger, Art Director
Daniel William Hill, Konzepter


Uwe Dreher, Director Brand Communication BMW BMWi BMW M
Kirsty Skinner-Gerth, Head of International Campaigns, Artwork, Film, Entertainment Marketing
Ann-Kathrin Geertz, International Campaigns BMW, BMWi, BMW M
Gabriele Lemmle, International Campaigns BMW, BMWi, BMW M, Projektmanager THE 7

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