Bridgestone Presents “Eyes On The Road”: New Film from Serviceplan Middle East Launches Health Check-Up and Awareness Roadshow for UAE Truck Drivers.

Serviceplan Middle East partners with Bridgestone MEA on road safety and health campaign aimed at the UAE truck driver community.

Launching the campaign is an online film sensitively directed by Nixon Freire out of Hanzo Films. The film follows a truck driver named Sukhjhinder Singh, who explains how he misses his family in India, and talks about his gruelling 24-hour schedule, which allows him only a couple of hours sleep in the cabin of his truck by the roadside. He has driven 1 million km without an accident, so for some respite from his work routine, Bridgestone arranged for him to view the road from another perspective – 1km above the ground in a hot air balloon. 

Through the film, Bridgestone MEA invites fleet owners to enrol their teams in the ‘Eyes on the road’ health check-up and awareness roadshow, which is aimed at contributing to a healthier and safer society. The film is part of a social media and digital communication strategy conceived by Serviceplan Middle East, and kicks off a 3-week event, during which truck drivers can take part in a free health check-up at one of several strategically positioned truck stops in the UAE. The health screenings will be managed by medical professionals and include checks on BMI, blood pressure, eyes and ears. 

The motivation is to encourage 1,000 truck drivers to have a health check-up. The check-up stations will be positioned at truck stops where drivers park up to rest on long journeys, position across major highways of the UAE in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As well as a health check-up, drivers will be able to play computer games linked to fitness and mobility skills and have refreshments.

There will also be a print campaign involving a billboard on the building where the drivers live, making them aware of the event and encouraging them to go for a check-up.

Serviceplan Middle East have devised a social media strategy to raise awareness of the free truck driver health checks via Facebook and Instagram, with live streams of the events, Bridgestone product giveaways to participants, and Instagram and Facebook stories.

“Truck drivers play an important role in our lives, they put in long hours to deliver goods and commodities that we require. It can be an extremely taxing job which can have serious health implications. This campaign is part of our efforts to ensure that truck drivers are aware of their health condition and take adequate preventative measure to ensure their own well-being if necessary. Bridgestone has always been an advocate for health and safety – a value that is reflected in the quality of our products, which are amongst the safest on the market.” said Stefano Sanchini, Regional Managing Director at Bridgestone.

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