New TWELVE Magazine to be Accompanied by Podcast Launch

Serviceplan Group TWELVE
Serviceplan Group TWELVE

Putting People at the Centre: New Issue of TWELVE Magazine to be Accompanied by Podcast Launch

Despite all our technological progress, the human factor remains a crucial and irreplaceable driving force of innovation and continued development. What this means for companies, their brands and communication is explored in the eighth issue of TWELVE, Serviceplan Group’s annual magazine for brands, media and communication. It presents interesting articles by guest authors such as entrepreneur Tijen Onaran and medical ethicist Professor Alena Buyx, on the new issue’s theme of “A human-driven future: How humans are shaping the digital world of tomorrow”. For the first time, the topics featured in the print issue of TWELVE magazine will be explored in depth in the TWELVE CAST – Serviceplan Group’s new podcast with fascinating guests, which launches today on 23 March.

Munich, 23 March 2022 The multi-award-winning TWELVE magazine is already on its eighth issue. This edition explores the latest mega-trends which currently have the biggest impact on society, what role humans and their needs play in this, and what it all means for companies and their brands. In the past year, digitalisation has fundamentally shaped our existence – and made our daily lives tangibly easier. Yet despite our technological progress, humankind and its need for physical experiences and real-world interaction continues to be a fundamental driver of progress and continued development. Based on this insight, the guiding theme of this year’s edition of TWELVE is “A human-driven future: How humans are shaping the digital world of tomorrow”.

With the human factor taking centre stage, the new issue of TWELVE – in the form of a coffee-table magazine – explores the inspiring players, developments and insights that have helped to shape the Serviceplan Group in the past year.

Prestigious external guest authors who contributed to the current issue in addition to the Serviceplan Group experts include: medical ethicist Professor Alena Buyx; CEO s.Oliver Claus-Dietrich Lahrs; Fabrizio Campanella, Global Chief Marketing Officer De’Longhi; best-selling author Tim Leberecht; customer centricity expert Nancy Rademaker; Matthias Dang and Stephan Schäfer, Co-CEOs of RTL Germany; psychologist and best-selling author Dr Joseph A. Michelli; political scientist Dr Emilia Roig; Sister Rosa Maria Dick, Superior General of the Sisters of Mercy, St Vincent de Paul; Stefan Hoechter, Member of the Advisory Board and Managing Director of Adelholzener Alpenquellen; entrepreneur Tijen Onaran; painter Markus Lüpertz; and singer Joy Denalane.

TWELVE CAST launches on 23 March

In order to explore the themes and theories of the print edition in greater depth, the agency group is launching the brand-new TWELVE CAST, where it welcomes fascinating guests – including guest authors from the TWELVE magazine – and experts from the House of Communication. The Serviceplan Group podcast launches today on 23 March. In the first episode, dedicated to the topic of “New Work”, Raphael Gielgen, Future of Work Life & Learn at Vitra, and Dennis Pfisterer, Managing Partner Saint Elmo’s Brandspace, are guests on the podcast. Host of the new format is Benjamin Majeron, Head of Digital at Serviceplan PR & Content. TWELVE CAST is available on all common podcast platforms including Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and Apple Podcast.

No TWELVE without art

This year, the magazine’s guiding theme is once again reflected in its artistic design. Famed for his iconic wooden sculptures, the internationally successful artist Stephan Balkenhol has made the human form the subject of his life’s work. For the brand-new TWELVE edition, he has created an exclusive artwork of twelve wooden portrait reliefs. Each portrait shows a colleague of the Serviceplan Group and introduces one of the twelve chapters comprising the magazine, as a year is comprised of twelve months. These 12 individuals were selected by the artist regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or length of employment at or position within the agency. Together, they represent the diversity of personalities that make the agency group so special. From summer 2022 onwards, these portraits will be exhibited in the new House of Communication in Munich as an homage to the Serviceplan Group colleagues.

Florian Haller, CEO Serviceplan Group, comments: “When it comes to innovation, people are still the measure of all things! For this reason, the current issue of TWELVE is dedicated to humankind and our emotions, desires, fantasies and unpredictability. With its unique artistic design courtesy of Stephan Balkenhol and exciting articles from our authors, our eighth edition helps inspire people to take account of the human factor – whether it’s in their corporate strategy, brand management or communication. I am proud that with TWELVE CAST we have brought a podcast series to life, which will allow us to introduce our exciting topics to a wider audience.” 

You can find all the information on the new TWELVE CAST here. (German Content)  

The current TWELVE ePaper is available here.


The name TWELVE relates to the 12 months of the year as well as the 12 chapters in the magazine itself, each of which addresses a currently relevant mega-trend in the communication sector. In their articles and interviews, prominent personalities provide insights into their ideas on these topics. Serviceplan Group experts explain the most important current developments in brand communications within the individual subject areas and showcase innovative projects. Along with its unique content, TWELVE also seeks to inspire readers with its design. For this reason, each edition is created in collaboration with an artist, who designs the opening page of each chapter as well as the cover.

Every year since the first edition in 2015, TWELVE has been honoured with the “Red Dot Award: Communication Design”, and since 2018 also with the Fox Awards. The 2021 issue with artwork by Jonathan Meese also took Gold for the second time at BCM Best of Content Marketing, Silver at the LIA Awards, and Bronze at ADC Germany, ADC 100th and the CommAwards.

The number of physical copies of this annual magazine is limited, and sent out to valued contacts of Serviceplan Group both nationally and internationally. There are 10,000 copies of the 2022 edition (German and English).

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