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The average UAE resident spends around 3 hours 11 minutes on social media. While all the happy, shiny updates, memes, cat videos and filters are amazing, they can also mean one thing:  #DistractedDriving. As per RTA Dubai, being on the phone reduces your driving ability by 37%. An alarming 50% of youth accidents in Dubai occur because of using mobile phones and social media while driving. In 2018, Dubai Police had issued close to 50,000 fines for using mobile phones while driving.  And yet we don’t seem to care. We keep repeating such irresponsible behavior, which is evident from more than 27,000 Instagram posts with #whiledriving. BMW, a premium automotive brand that creates superior driving experiences, decided to take action.

To draw attention to the perils of distracted driving, we decided to turn the medium against itself.  With a hard-hitting truth that would catch audiences off-guard, we delivered a simple message - there's no socializing on the road.

The execution uses a familiar Facebook feature, the 360 degree interactive post. Social media addicts when scrolling through the post, first see someone on their social feed while driving. But as they scroll further, they are met with a harsh reality. Endangering theirs and other people’s lives on the road.

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Scrolling through your social media feed on the road endangers a lot more lives around you than you are unaware of.