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Her Legacy

Her Legacy
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    BMW Middle East

BMW Contemporary is the regional articulation of the BMW Cultural Engagement platform launched 3 years ago to strengthen intercultural dialogue and multidisciplinary exchange amongst artists and art enthusiasts in the Middle East. After working in the past with prominent names like Nadim Karam and Yosuf Nabil, BMW Group in the Middle East sought to elevate the program by focusing on Arab Women in the Arts.

Unlike their counterparts in other regions, Arab women are in their disciplines for one reason – Arab Pride. More than being in the arts for their own personal pursuits, Arab women are in it for a greater good - to continue the legacies started by their ancestors or to start a lasting legacy that would make the world recognize and better understand their distinct culture and traditions.

We handpicked 3 upcoming artists: A Calligraphist, a Photographer and a Light artist, led by a renowned Saudi contemporary artist and collaborated with them to come up with a unique piece of art. Using the brand new BMW 8 Series along with our talented artists, we created Calligraphy in Motion – the first-ever light painting done with a car. At the end of the performance, the art piece which translates to the word ‘INSPIRE’ is meant to do just that, inspire the next generation of artists to push the boundaries of art and expression.

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With “Her Legacy,” we wanted to create an innovative piece of art to leave behind as a legacy to inspire the next generation of Arab artists.