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BMW Venice
  • Category

    Brand Campaign
  • Industry

    Consumer Electrical Appliances
  • Client

    Midea Group

Midea, one of the world’s leading technology groups in consumer appliances, wanted to have a stronghold in the GCC with their wide range of products and establish awareness about the brand. Faced with a limited budget, we had to outsmart the competition and gain our audiences’ attention.

Using our proprietary tool “Tribe Analysis”, we segmented the audience into four different tribes: Active Executives, Passionate Homemakers, Value Seekers and Life Builders. Following that, we used “Influencer Management Suite” to identify the right micro to mid-level influencers who can use the brand proposition of “surprisingly friendly solutions for the ones who treasure the tiny moments at home” and create content that can be used to communicate with our Tribes.

With the content ready, we used our video planning tool “Video Campaign Optimizer” to launch our campaign and managed to get more than 300,000 impressions for #IAMHOME on Instagram in the first 48 hours of the campaign.

At the end of the campaign, the brand awareness grew by 24%. The engagement rate exceeded 42% on Facebook and 18% on Instagram, compared to the previous month, helping Midea achieve the set-out objective of gaining the share of hearts of our audience and establish brand awareness.

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