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This seasonal digital Christmas campaign from 2017 reflected Penny's wish to act as a local supplier whilst providing support to the community. The concept of the film with the tagline ‘However long the path might seem’ was of a Mother overcoming a psychological obstacle to reconcile with her daughter after an argument. Rather than a physical path, the film shows the Mother on a metaphorical journey battling snow, ice and a menacing forest to reconnect with her daughter at Christmas.

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The digital Christmas campaign for Penny touched the hearts of the public.

The campaign was rounded off by giant posters and digital out-of-home advertising media in more than ten major German cities. There were also ads in the the biggest German sunday newspaper, with messages calling for reconciliation - serious ones as well as funny ones.

New York Festivals Shortlist 2018
DIE KLAPPE Shortlist 2018
Lovie Awards Bronze 2018