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MENA's 1st Reward App for Gamers

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    Red Vault

Founded in 1996, Red Entertainment is the Middle East’s leading distributor of games, published by companies like Electronic Arts, SEGA, Take-Two, Ubisoft and others that have released global phenomena games like FIFA, NBA and Call of Duty to name a few.

However, the role of Red in the growth of the region’s interactive entertainment was not recognised and we needed to change that.

Faced with an audience that is highly connected to social media and with one of the world’s highest smartphone penetration, we decided to make our campaign social-led.  

Together with the client, we analysed the target audience, and established that in the world of gaming “Recognition”, “Rewards” and “First Access to games” tops the list for any gamer. Based on this insight, we worked with Red on creating the region’s first-of-its-kind app “Red Vault”, which enables gamers to get exactly what they want most.

We then launched this app and supported it with a media campaign on digital and traditional channels, targeting “gamers” around the region.  Using behavioral and psychographic targeting, we were able to precisely target the gamers with minimal wastage.

During the first three month of the launch of Red Vault, we managed to get over 70 thousand downloads from our social channels and digital campaign, which helped Red achieve their objective and get the deserved recognition among the gaming society. 

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