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Since 1 January 2019, Vienna supports marriage for all. We took this opportunity to promote the open and progressive attitude of "The World’s Smartest City” in the course of EuroPride Vienna 2019.

To invite the world to EuroPride, we documented the world's first A.I. marriage: the Wedding of Siri & Alexa. Among the guests at Belvedere Palace were Austria's Drag Queen Holger Thor alias "Miss Candy", dancer Pandora Nox, influencer Valentina Vale and musician Amy Wald.

The ceremony was made possible by the Alexa skill "The Pride Skill", which is officially available in the Amazon Skill Store. It contains information about the EuroPride Festival as well as a very special feature: With a trigger, a wedding dialogue can be started between Siri and Alexa that leads to the symbolic marriage of the two voice assistants. Everyone could download the skill themselves, marry their own Siri to Alexa and get in the mood for EuroPride 2019 in Vienna at the same time.

The campaign website contains extensive branded content about the smart bridal couple: In addition to exclusive wedding pictures, several videos tell the entire love story of Siri and Alexa – from their first date to their honeymoon in Vienna.

The response: 2,9 million people watched the wedding documentary on YouTube. All about the campaign and the Alexa skill "The Pride Skill":

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