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Serviceplan – more than an advertising agency

The Serviceplan Group is dedicated to the entrepreneurial success of its clients and is a market leader in the development and realisation of integrated communication concepts. With our Houses of Communication in every important economic region around the world, we are the only independent agency group to provide all communication services from a single source for the creation of truly integrated concepts: the optimal basis for a BEST BRAND.

For us, flexibility, agility and consideration of the individual needs of our clients always has the highest priority. In addition to Serviceplan, the company brands Consulting, Facit, Plan.Net, Mediaplus and Solutions are the foundations of the House of Communication.


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Rami Hmadeh

Managing Partner

Serviceplan Middle East

Natalie Shardan

General Manager

Serviceplan Middle East

Azhar Siddiqui

Managing Partner

Mediaplus Espresso

Frances Bonifacio

Head of Strategy

Serviceplan Middle East

About us


Our vision is to create sustainable, economically successful and fascinating brands for our clients. To do this, we always use the most innovative communication strategies and concepts designed to spark consumer emotions. This also means anticipating changes that characterise our world today and finding extraordinary ways to convey messages to the hearts and minds of consumers. We create innovative, medial and technological relevance for our clients' target groups and guarantee modern, efficient and target-group-specific customer journeys. This vision, making brands Best Brands, is the force that drives us.


The Serviceplan Group is the largest and most diversified owner- and partner-managed agency group in Europe. Founded in 1970 as a traditional advertising agency, Serviceplan quickly developed its “House of Communication” concept, creating the only fully integrated agency model in Germany, combining all communication disciplines under one roof. Whether brand strategists, creative, design, media or on-line specialists, dialogue or CRM experts, market researchers, PR consultants or sales professionals, at Serviceplan, everyone works together to achieve a common goal. Serviceplan currently has over 4,100 employees in 38 locations worldwide. In addition to Serviceplan, other corporate brands within the group – the media agency Mediaplus, our digital agency Plan.Net and our market research institute Facit – rank as market leaders in their respective competitive environments. The precisely coordinated interaction of more than 40 specialist agencies focused on creativity, technology and media, makes Serviceplan the leading agency group for innovative communication.

Partner model

The heart of an agency is its people and their individual and specific know-how. The Serviceplan Group has operated consistently as a partner model for more than 20 years. To realise projects successfully, define clear responsibilities and ensure continuity, we are partner-managed. Every group company is managed by one to two managing directors, who are also substantial shareholders, motivating an entrepreneurial approach within their respective companies. This has a direct impact on cooperation with clients. This basic entrepreneurial principle is also communicated to all employees: our individual objectives agreement model "CÏCC" is a bonus system that reflects employee commitment in five areas - Client, Innovation, Internationality, Cash and Colleague. High client satisfaction ratings and sustainable economic success also benefit our colleagues. Based on the partner model, we now have about 40 specialised agencies acting flexibly and independently under the umbrella of the Serviceplan Group holding company and the associated agency brands Serviceplan, Mediaplus, Plan.Net, Facit, Consulting and Solutions.


Every market follows concrete rules and is characterised by its own culture. Therefore, an idea is only as good as its implementation in its respective market. All our Houses of Communication are managed by local partners who know the "Do’s and Don'ts" of their markets and carefully consider them for their clients. Our partner model also applies internationally, where every company in the group is managed by one to two managing directors who are substantial shareholders. The result is an entrepreneurial approach in each company. And our global Key Account Management team, part of the Serviceplan Group holding company, ensures smooth cooperation between the headquarters and individual markets, as well as between markets, maximizing efficiency and minimizing unnecessary overhead costs.


We feel a responsibility for the impact our actions have on people, the environment and finance, because the trust our customers, employees and the public have put in us enables us to make a difference; it enables us to shape and change things. Regarding our colleagues, we strive to employ only the best in the branch so it is important to us that they are happy working for us in the long term. This is why we implement numerous measures to achieve a high level of employee satisfaction, ranging from an extensive campus advanced training programme, to different sporting activities, get-togethers for apprentices, breakfasts for newcomers and major events. The topic ‘Work & Family’ is also very important to us. Offers such as Mobile Office, individually agreed on working hours, discounted nursery places, subsidised lunches and health advice ensure that our colleagues have a good work-life balance. To monitor employee satisfaction, we conduct regular surveys. In cooperation with Steinbeis University, we have also developed our own university and training programme. It not only provides young talent with practical knowledge, it also offers the opportunity to earn master’s degrees through work/study courses. Further information on our employee offers can be found on our careers page. The share of women in management positions in the Serviceplan Group is currently 30 percent and is steadily increasing. We stand by our recruitment policy and predominantly offer open-ended employment contracts. A communication agency can provide corporate and social impetus. We regularly support campaigns for socially relevant organisations. Concerning the environment, we are dedicated to conserving resources and use alternative waste disposal concepts. To avoid air travel, we give preference to video conferences as far as possible. Our energy efficiency has greatly improved in recent years, for example, due to the use of advanced district heating systems, dispensing with air conditioning systems and using more energy-efficient lighting and hardware. We have also converted to green energy wherever possible and strictly follow the "think before you print" principle. Every location has pool bikes for free use and supports the use of public transport. We ensure that our offices are easy to reach by bus and train and we offer car sharing for the daily journeys to and from work. We constantly reinvest a significant part of our profits in sustainable growth, progress and employee development. We are independent of external stakeholders so we are able to make sensible and sustainable decisions on behalf of our company and colleagues. The Serviceplan Group is based on our stable and proven partner model of financially involved managing directors who are obligated to follow joint company guidelines.