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We are an agency group. All communication experts work under one roof here – from brand strategists, creatives, media and online specialists to web designers, dialogue and CRM experts, market researchers and PR consultants down to sales specialists.

The common denominator of our work together is passion. After all, it’s not just because of our good work that we have developed into one of the leading agency groups in the world. What sets us apart is our passionate commitment to brands, communication and our colleagues.

Our passion for


Today’s brand landscape is huge. And we are fascinated by the major challenge of transforming these brands into personalities. This is why we passionately work with over 50 agencies in our Houses of Communication all over the world on establishing, analysing and further developing them. We give them a face, enable consumers to really experience them and secure their economic success. We call that ‘Building Best Brands’.


Anyone who is familiar with communication will know that it’s impossible not to communicate. But for us it comes down to a lot more than “just” communication: for our clients we find new ways to win over the hearts of consumers. How we manage to do that? With exciting creation or the use of various media and technologies, for example – sometimes all at the same time. And that’s what our clients appreciate about us the most: all disciplines under one roof, divided into our four pillars Serviceplan, Mediaplus, Plan.Net and Facit. Every House of Communication brings together experts in all disciplines at each location.


We have understood that what we are doing here is a little different to a “normal” job. This is why it’s important to us to create common spaces that boost creativity through inspiration, productivity through function and passion through enjoyment. And also the reason why our locations are always located in the creative heart of the city and designed so that working there is fun. Sufficient space and open doors are the best prerequisites for our most important resource: ideas. In combination with our integrated model of having experts for every discipline, this forms the basis of fascinating brand communication.

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Ownership is part of our employer promise. What we do for our clients daily is one thing, whilst we want to do things that express ourselves uniquely. This is why we support the Ownership projects of our colleagues. These are projects that result from personal initiatives of individuals in our group. Take a look at one of these projects and find out what it feels like to be part of the Serviceplan Group.  

If you want to know more about our Ownership projects just click here.